Book List

I purchase a fair number of books on a regular basis. In fact, I’m ashamed of that, because I don’t read as often as I’d like to and yet am constantly buying books. My excuse is that one day, I’ll probably get to them.

For the most part, the books I purchase are recommendations I see here and there, usually made by professionals from a certain area. However, they can also be just generally accepted good books.

Below is a list of the books I currently have that are technology related. I’ll bold the ones I’m currently reading, and put a hyperlink next to the ones I wrote something about on this website.

Title Author Link
Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science John Zelle —————–
Effective Computation in Physics:
Field Guide to Research with Python
Anthony Scopatz & Kathryn D.Huff —————–
Java, XML and JSON: Document Processing for Java SE Jeff Friesen —————–
XML: Learn XML the Quick and Easy Way Kevin H. Goldberg —————–
Data Governance: How to Design, Deploy,
and Sustain an Effective Data Governance Program
John Ladley —————–
Data Modelig Made Simple Steve Hoberman —————–
An Introduction to Database Systems C. J. Date —————–
The Data Warehouse Toolkit: Practical
Techniques for Building Dimensional Warehouses
Ralph Kimball —————–
Data Stewardship: An Actionable Guide to
Effective Data Management and Data Governance
David Plotkin —————–
Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A Guide to
Modern Databases and the NoSQL Movement
Luck Perkins —————–
DAMA-DMBOK: Data Management Body of Knowledge