Udacity's Programming for Data Science Program

Many of you might be familiar with Udacity’s online learning platform. They offer several different types of classes focused on technology.

Recently, I’ve decided to start taking classes from their nano-degree program called Programming for Data Science. Aside from pure curiosity, I looked into these classes because I started a new position in my company in which I could benefit from brushing up on my SQL skills. Of course, I didn’t want to stop there, so that’s why I went a step further and chose a Data Science program.

On this program, the student should be exposed to Databases, SQL, Python and Version Control (Git). I can only speak for Database and SQL so far since I haven’t passed this section of the program yet. I have to admit, my pace hasn’t been the greatest. Even though I really enjoy the classes, I can’t seem to follow it for longer than an hour and I often find myself not wanting to get back to it. That’s hardly a problem with Udacity’s program though, but most likely a personal challenge.

I am getting very close to the end of the SQL portion of the program though, and I’m looking forward to the final project related to it. I will make sure to post details about it here.